May we introduce you to Speculoo?

“What’s Speculoo”?  That’s the question we get asked about one of our current flavors - Speculoo Ice Crème.  Because I have a thing for this great little treat from Trader Joe’s, I guess I thought everyone knew about this simple, delicious cookie.  Here’s how Trader Joe describes Speculoos:

Trader Joe’s Speculoos Cookies are classic European caramelized cookies, thin and crispy with a cinnamon-y, almost gingerbread-y flavor. 

I think they’re kind of the perfect little cookie treat.  That’s why we’ve made two different flavors using them – Speculoo Ice Crème and Cup o’Decaf and Cookies. 

Townie Speculoo Ice Crème was described by a recent customer as tasting like a Snickerdoodle.  We like that!  In combination with our coffee ice crème, Cup o’Decaf and Cookies will make you feel like you’re on a never-ending coffee break. 

Try one of our Townie Ice Crème flavors made with Trader Joe’s Speculoo cookies.  It will make you happy!

Robin Flint