Happy Townie Anniversary

Today marks one month since the start of Townie's first real, full-on, summer season. 

One month ago, we kicked it off by taking part in the Union Point Food Truck Rodeo in Weymouth, MA, where something along the lines of 6000 people showed up.  What a way to start!  We were probably crazy to take on such a big challenge as our very first event, but we did it and did it successfully gaining lots of exposure and good will toward Townie.  

Since then, we've been at farmers markets every week in the towns of Scituate, Kingston, Weymouth, Marshfield, Braintree, and Plymouth.  It's been crazy fun, and the response to Townie continues to be great.  Folks in the local communities have been really supportive and encouraging. 

Tonight is our second rodeo.  We've got a month's worth of experience under our belts and look forward to this evening's festivities with eyes wide open.  It is going to be a blast!


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Robin Flint