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Robin Flint, Lady Piano Tuner

When not making Townie Frozen Desserts, Robin is a piano tuner/technician.  A graduate of the North Bennett Street School advanced piano technology program, she will take very good care of your piano.  For more information, check out her website at

Emery Thompson

The best decision Townie has made to date was to start off with the world's best batch freezer from the best manufacturer in the world, Emery Thompson.  Their products are built like tanks with an incredibly long lifespan.  They are easy to use, they offer incomparable customer support, and have YouTube tutorials up the wazoo.  The only thing we wish for is a bigger model of our fabulous CB-350, and we'll get one as soon as possible!

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All our ice cremes are vegan, non-dairy, and nut-free and simply delicious.  That's because of the base we use from Mami's Foods.  Their Froconut Vegan Ice Cream mix is the best in the industry.  We researched their ingredient list, and everything in it is plant based.  It's a product and a company with the highest integrity!  

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Peggy's kitchen

Peggy's Kitchen, a shared commercial kitchen in Kingston, Massachusetts, is where Townie makes product.  It takes a huge investment to build a commercial kitchen.  One day we hope to have our own.  But, in the meanwhile, we love being partners at Peggy Kitchen.  Contact them at (781) 724-7143.