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townie is our love story --

Hi!  We are Robin Flint and Stephen Gore, and we live in the beautiful seaside town of Hull, Massachusetts, 6 miles from Boston by water, 22 by car.  We've both had several careers in our lives from retail to working in group homes with special needs adults (where we met!), to most recently for Stephen, computer technical support, and piano tuner/technician for Robin.  As we approached our 31st wedding anniversary in 2015, we decided that our dream would be to work together.  We love spending as much time together as we possibly can, and since we're not getting any younger, we thought about what we could do to make our dream happen.  

We get asked all the time "how did you come up with the idea for frozen desserts?"  Honestly, neither one of us really remembers!  We're guessing it must have been something we saw on a television cooking show.  Anyway, it struck a chord with us.  We purchased a good quality kitchen countertop model and started experimenting.  It was a blast!  We had tastings with our friends, and everyone seemed to really enjoy what we came up with.  We figured we were on to something, so we researched professional batch freezer machines.  The very first company we came across was the Emery Thompson Company.  Reading through their website and watching a couple of their instructional videos, we decided to jump in.

We sold all our toys, including Stephen's 2014 red Mustang GT and my 1967 VW Beetle, and purchased an Emery Thompson CB-350.  Emery Thompson is the company who supplies batch freezers to all the biggest names in the industry like Ben and Jerry's, Hagan Daz, etc.  But while their machines produce 44 quarts at a time, our CB-350 makes 6!  Hey, you've got to start somewhere!

Our start was a little rocky - finding kitchen space that soon disappeared, coronary bypass surgery for Stephen - but starting in 2017 we were ready to rock and roll.  We found a home for our machine in the nearby town of Kingston, MA at a shared commercial kitchen space where we concoct our recipes (I like to call them elixirs) and spin them in the Townie batch freezer.  

We started off manufacturing just fruit sorbets and they were wonderfully delicious and well received. Flavors like Strawberry, Spiced Pear, and Lemon Basil Mint were some of our best sellers. Then we found out about Mami’s Gelato mix - a vegan coconut base manufactured for the frozen dessert business. They sent us a sample - one plain and one chocolate. We made a batch of Key Lime Pie and Simple Chocolate and introduced them at the Endless Summer Waterfront Festival in Hull. They sold out wicked fast! People loved them. We immediately ordered cases of both the plain and the chocolate and added tons of new flavors to our menu. We’re now up to 50 different flavors and still adding more!

Winter 2019 you will find us at Farmers' Markets around the South Shore including Plymouth, Marshfield, and Braintree.  We’ll also be at Simpson Springs in South Easton. Check out our calendar to see where we'll be and when.  We welcome orders via our Facebook page, Townie Frozen Desserts, or by email from our website contact page. We big fans of bartering, so if you’ve got something to trade, let us know!

The response to our small batch, handmade, vegan, non-dairy, allergy friendly, frozen deliciousness has been tremendous, and we thank you for helping to make our dream come true!

Robin Flint & Stephen Gore, Hull, MA